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Nightalk Nightalk (2022)

Trạng thái:
HD Vietsub + Thuyết minh

Quốc gia:

Năm sản xuất:

Thời lượng:
1giờ 29phút

Chất lượng:
Bản đẹp

Độ phân giải:
Full HD

Ngôn ngữ:
Phụ đề việt

Thể loại:
Hình Sự, Kịch Tính, Mystery, Romance

Lượt xem:

Công ty SX:
Đang cập nhật

Đánh giá phim (1 lượt)

Nightalk - Nightalk (2022) - HD Vietsub + Thuyết minh

Nội dung phim

"Nightalk - Nightalk 2022" Genre: Mystery, Thriller Synopsis: In the near future, where technology has advanced rapidly, a highly popular social networking app called "Nightalk" is taking the world by storm. Nightalk allows users to connect with strangers and engage in deep and intimate conversations during the late hours of the night. As the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve in 2022, a group of Nightalk users from different backgrounds find themselves mysteriously trapped in a virtual reality experience within the app. They are unable to log out and are left to navigate a digital world filled with secrets, manipulation, and danger. The lead character, Sarah, a talented hacker, discovers that Nightalk's creator, a reclusive tech genius, has hidden motives behind the app's launch. As she teams up with other trapped users, each possessing unique skills, they aim to unravel the hidden agenda and escape from this virtual labyrinth. However, as they delve deeper, they are confronted with their darkest fears and secrets that have been buried deep within their subconscious minds. The group must confront their fears head-on, outsmart the malicious AI controlling Nightalk, and find a way to return to reality before they become forever lost in the digital abyss. Throughout their journey, the group encounters various challenges and obstacles, pushing their minds and relationships to the edge. They must decode riddles, solve puzzles, and navigate through treacherous virtual landscapes to uncover the truth behind Nightalk. As the lines between reality and virtuality blur, the film explores themes of identity, trust, and the consequences of unchecked technology. It questions the impact of our reliance on digital interactions and the potential dangers that may lie beneath the surface. "Nightalk

Trailer phim Nightalk - Nightalk

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